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 [Tutorial]Server de CS 1.6 +WAR 3 Expansion[Windows]

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MesajSubiect: [Tutorial]Server de CS 1.6 +WAR 3 Expansion[Windows]   Mier Noi 28, 2007 10:16 am

Fisierele Necesare

War3expansion + amxmodx
HLDS Update Tool
Hldsw32 emporio

Instalarea CS-ului

Se creaza un folder in C numit HLDS
Dupa ce ati descarcat HLDS Update Tools, ne apucam sa descarcam CS-ul
Intram in start, apasati pe run si scrieti acolo "cmd"

apoi scriem:


Acum, downloadam fisierele ce ne trebuiesc pentru a rula serverul. In functie de conexiunea la internet, aceasta poate dura de la cateva minute la cateva ore. Din nou, in command prompt scriem urmatoarea comanda

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game valve -dir .

Dupa ce s-a terminat de descarcat va scrie

HLDS installation up to date

Din nou, scriem acolo

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game cstrike -dir .

Dupa ce s-a terminat de descarcat dezarhivati hldsw32.emporio.rar in C:Hlds

In Cstrike avem un fisier numit server.cfg deschideti-l cu wordpad ,stergeti tot de acolo, apoi copiati:

hostname "Numele Serverului"

mp_autokick 0

mp_autocrosshair 0

mp_autoteambalance 0

mp_buytime 2

mp_consistency 1

mp_c4timer 35

mp_fadetoblack 0

mp_falldamage 0

mp_flashlight 1

mp_forcecamera 3

mp_forcechasecam 2

mp_friendlyfire 1

mp_freezetime 3

mp_fraglimit 0

mp_hostagepenalty 0

mp_limitteams 6

mp_logfile 1

mp_logmessages 1

mp_logdetail 3

mp_maxrounds 0

mp_playerid 0

mp_roundtime 3

mp_startmoney 800

mp_timelimit 35

mp_tkpunish 0

mp_winlimit 0

sv_aim 0

sv_airaccelerate 10

sv_airmove 1

sv_allowdownload 1

sv_clienttrace 1.0

sv_clipmode 0

sv_allowupload 1

sv_cheats 0

sv_gravity 800

sv_lan 1

sv_maxrate 7000

sv_maxspeed 320

sv_maxupdaterate 101

sys_ticrate 10000

decalfrequency 60

pausable 0

log on

decalfrequency 60

edgefriction 2

host_framerate 0

exec listip.cfg

exec banned.cfg

rcon_password PAROLA

La Hostname puteti pune orice nume de ex: VlaskY's uwc3 server,iar la rcon password o parola cu care puteti controla serverul de la distanta

Instalarea Warcraft 3 Expansion

1.Dezarhivati war3expansion + amxmodx.rar intr-un fisier temporar.

2.Copiati continutul folderului dezarhivat in cstrike
3 (optional) . In folderul map-specific din configswar3x puteti scrie numele unei harti urmata de ".cfg" in kre scrieti itemurile ex:

creez harta de_aztec.cfg in ea scriu :
war3x_item_restrictions "mole"

4(optional).in war3x din configs este un cfg numit disabled_maps.cfg.Acolo scrieti hartile kre pe parcursul serverului cu war3x nu se vor activa ex
pun de_aztec in acel cfg

5. Acum vom edita war3x.cfg din configswar3x.

Pt salvarea xp-ului inlocuiti

war3x_save_xp   0


war3x_save_xp   1

Restul le modificati pe pielea voastra
6. Pt ca serverul sa mearga intram in modules.ini din configs si inlocuiti tot cu:


; To enable a module, remove the semi-colon (;) in front of its name.

; If it's not here, simply add it its name, one per line.

; You don't need to write the _amxx part or the file extension.



;; SQL Modules usually need to be enabled manually;;

;; You can have any number on at a time.  Use    ;;

;;  amx_sql_type in sql.cfg to specify the default;;





;; Put third party modules below here.          ;;

;; You can just list their names, without the _amxx;;

;;  or file extension.                      ;;



;; These modules will be auto-detected and loaded  ;;

;;  as needed.  You do not need to enable them here;;

;;  unless you have problems.                 ;;











Adaugarea adminillor

intrti in plugins.ini din configs si la sfarsit de tot adaugati:

"nume" "pass" "flagurile" "a"

Setari in amxx

intrati in amxx.cfg din amxmodx/configs si setati acolo dupa bunul plac

Va dau un exemplu de setari:

;Vlasky's Server


// AMX Configuration File

echo Executing AMX Mod X Configuration File

// Default access for all non admin players (see users.ini for access details)

amx_default_access "z"

// Name of setinfo which should store a password on a client (you should change this)

// (Example: setinfo _pw "password")

amx_password_field "_vvm"

// Mode of logging to a server

// 0 - disable logging, players won't be checked (and access won't be set)

// 1 - normal mode which obey flags set in accounts

// 2 - kick all players not on list

amx_mode 1

// Show admins activity

// 0 - disabled

// 1 - show without admin name

// 2 - show with name

amx_show_activity 2

// Frequency in seconds and text of scrolling message

amx_scrollmsg "Server by VlaskY" 600

// Center typed colored messages (last parameter is a color in RRRGGGBBB format)

amx_imessage "Pe server intra cine vrea.iese cine poate" "000255100"

amx_imessage "Pt admine si slot vizitati site-ul" "000100255"

// Frequency in seconds of colored messages

amx_freq_imessage 180

// Set in seconds how fast players can chat (chat-flood protection)

amx_flood_time 0.75

// Amount of reserved slots, amx_hideslots must be 1 to use this cvar (for more details see comments in plugin source)

amx_reservation 0

// If you set this to 1, you can hide slots on your server

amx_hideslots 0

// Displaying of time remaining

// a - display white text on bottom

// b - use voice

// c - don't add "remaining" (only in voice)

// d - don't add "hours/minutes/seconds" (only in voice)

// e - show/speak if current time is less than this set in parameter

amx_time_display "ab 1200" "ab 600" "ab 300" "ab 180" "ab 60" "bcde 11"

// Announce "say thetime" and "say timeleft" with voice

amx_time_voice 1

// Minimum delay in seconds between two voting sessions

amx_vote_delay 10

// How long voting session goes on

amx_vote_time 10

// Display who votes for what option

amx_vote_answers 0

// Some ratios for voting success

amx_votekick_ratio 0.40

amx_voteban_ratio 0.40

amx_votemap_ratio 0.40

amx_vote_ratio 0.02

// Max. time to which map can be extended

amx_extendmap_max 30

// Step for each extending

amx_extendmap_step 15

// Rank mode

// 0 - by nick

// 1 - by authid

// 2 - by ip

csstats_rank 0

// Max size of the stats file

csstats_maxsize 9000

// Duration of HUD-statistics

amx_statsx_duration 12.0

// HUD-statistics display limit relative round freeze end

// Negative time will clear the HUD-statstics before the round freeze time has ended

amx_statsx_freeze -2.0

//If you set this to 0, clients cannot chose their language

amx_client_languages 1

// Plugin Debug mode

// 0 - No debugging (garbage line numbers)

// 1 - Plugins with "debug" option in plugins.ini are put into debug mode

// 2 - All plugins are put in debug mode

// Note - debug mode will affect JIT performance

amx_debug 1

// Plugin MultiLingual Debug

// To debug a language put its 2 letter code between quotes ("en", "de", etc)

// "" means disabled

amx_mldebug ""

La amx_password_field obligatoriu trebuie sa editati pt ca prin aceste litere se pot conecta admini: setinfo _cevreitu pass-din-users.ini

Pornirea Serverului

Pt a porni serverul trebuie sa faci un shorcut al lui hlds.exe
intrati in shortcut si la target scrieti:

C:HLDShlds.exe -console -game cstrike +ip tau +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers 18 +map de_dust2 -nomaster

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